Rolling Scars – A Rare Form of Acne Scar, But Unpleasant Nonetheless

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Although the majority of scarring caused by acne, particularly facial breakouts, falls into the categories of ice pick or box car scarring, there are other forms of scar which can afflict the acne sufferer. One of the two other major forms of scar is the rolling scar, which is characterised by a rolling appearance, almost like a wave breaking across the skin. The skin around it will look absolutely normal, which throws the scarring into an ever clearer view. It is a form of scarring that causes discomfort and embarrassment.

It is caused when a fibrous band of tissue forms between the top layer of skin and the subcutaneous tissue as a result of weakening of the connection. These fibrous bands exert a pull on the epidermis and cause it to cling to the deeper structures of the skin. The aesthetic result of this pull is that some of the skin appears sunken while that around it is where it would usually be. This creates the familiar, wave-like appearance which, when moving, appears to be as the name would suggest, rolling across the skin.

In order to get rid of rolling scars on the skin, the most popular method of surgery is called subcision. This name comes from the Latin terms “Sub”, meaning underneath and “incisio”, meaning to cut. The practice of subcision involves cutting underneath the skin’s surface and inserting a needle which is used to cut out the fibrous tissue that his holding down the top layer of skin when this is done, the epidermis is freed and able to move independently.

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