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There are a number of old, proven home acne remedies that you can apply to get rid of your infection. All of these are simple, easy and affordable. How effective they are, however, will depend on the severity of your infection.

One of the oldest home treatments revolve around the use of plain white toothpaste. Simply apply it to the affected areas topically before sleeping time. When you wake up in the morning, you should note a definite improvement to the problem.

Another common and easy remedy consists of mashed orange peel that is made into a paste. The paste can be applied to the face for a short while before being rinsed off.

By making a mixture of one part rose water and another part of freshly squeezed lemon juice, you will be able to create a mixture that not only helps to address acne, but also diminishes skin blemishes in general. Simply apply to the skin, and rinse it off after thirty minutes.

An old, incredibly simple technique is to hold a block of ice against the affected area. Besides reducing the swelling, it will also help to clear the skin surface.

Another natural treatment which is often overlooked is the use of Tea tree oil – both on pure liquid form and as part of a topical cream. Being a natural antiseptic agent, it is highly efficient.

The following treatment is not recommended to be used more regularly than once every three days, but it is very efficient. Dissolve one kilogram of Epsom alts into about fifty liters of warm water. Simply immerse yourself into this mixture, and wash your whole body – especially if you suffer form body acne – with it for up to half an hour.

Cucumber is not only something used in beauty salons for facial treatments – it is quite efficient in dealing with acne, adding to the natural moisture content of the skin in the process. A ground paste applied to your skin for a few minutes will do wonders.

Since the real root cause of the condition lies inside the body – including possibilities like stress, poor dietary habits, a lack of sleep, etc. – home acne remedies will only address the condition on the surface, and still require you to address the cause itself.

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