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One of the most prevalent skin conditions known to man is acne. For the longest time, we have always thought that acne is just caused by hormones.

There are people who may have survived their teenage years acne free, but have experienced breakouts now that they are well into adulthood.

It is terrible to have to live with acne. It totally alters the confidence of any individual and triggers one to be increasingly self-conscious. There are so many reasons for why more and more individuals are starting to get acne.

Some experts say that our bodies usually respond to high levels of stress by getting acne. Other experts argue that diets which consist of fatty and greasy foods, as evidenced by fast foods, also allow for breakouts.

Most of us have already spent much on different kinds of acne treatments whether they come in creams or prescription drugs. Facial centers have started to appear almost everywhere because of the rising demand for flawless faces.

There are so many old wives tales about how to get rid of acne but somehow, those things take too long to work.

Acne Free in 3 Days is an e-book that was written by Chris Gibson. It has received so much attention because of its claim that it can eliminate acne in just three short days.

Some people have had success with the book while others are left discontented. But as for my own experience, I found Acne Free in 3 Days helpful.

Basically, what Acne Free in 3 Days suggests in getting rid of acne is for an individual to go into a special detoxification process to clear up all the acne.

The term detox may be very intimidating but the actual detoxification process was actually very easy to go through with and I believe that anybody can do it.

The e-book also talks about certain foods that an individual must stay away from in order to be acne free.

What I found truly great in the e-book was the manner that it presented the solution. It did not attempt to bombard the reader with all kinds of information rather it focused on how one can go through with the detoxification. Individuals with severe acne may have to wait longer than three days to see results.

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