Facts About Baby Acne

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Acne is developed in some babies due to the lingering maternal hormones after delivery which may result to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands of the baby. Your baby receives these hormones after the delivery from the placenta.

You shouldn’t worry if your baby has pimples. Affecting about 20% of the newborn babies is baby acne also known as acne-neonatorum.

Let’ know the various aspects of this peculiar type of acne. First things first, the treatment for infantile acne is not the same as that of acne treatment for any other age group.

Infantile acne is considered to be gender-biased. More affected than their female counterparts are male babies. At the age of 3 weeks is when babies normally have the acne attack. But there are babies who have it from the time of delivery. The types of acne you generally find in infants are pustules and papules. Papules are red bumps and pustules are whiteheads. A collection of pus is what they have.

Some babies also have acne on the scalp. Acne in babies does not require treatment as such. The lesions will take care of themselves within a period of four months. But it’s still essential for you to take normal care for the baby as you would take care of its other body parts.

Use mild baby soap and gently clean the face once in a day with water. Trying harsher methods by using lotions and oil which you may think are good is a bad idea. They may at times, worsen the condition. When it needs to, infantile acne will disappear and this is something you need to understand.

Don’t stuff your baby’s cheeks with cosmetics if you want to photograph them and if you do need touch-ups, then do so in an imaginative way.

If severe acne is what you or your family feel that the baby has, then you can use benzoyl peroxide, keratolytic agents, or topical creams like retinoids.

Mysterious are the ways of acne. You baby may not have acne even if you have family history of acne. If your baby does have acne, when they grow up it doesn’t mean that they will suffer from the attack of acne. It’s own working style is what acne has as well as its own attacking strategy.

Normally appearing after the age of three months in a baby is infantile acne but after the age of twelve months, it quietly disappears. No special efforts of treatment are required. In some babies, the condition may last up to three years. It is due to the genetic makeup of your baby. You have something to contribute to it, as the hereditary part.

Relating to the treatment part, you have nothing to do with the infantile acne. Except maybe observing its arrival and departure. You feel anxiety with its arrival and pleasure with its departure.

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